Meet Our Coaches

Each coach has completed Level 1 instructor certification through USA Archery, while 2 of our coaches have achieved the Level 2 certification. 


Matt Bolin

Level 3

"I have been doing archery since about 2001, when my uncle taught me to shoot a bow in order to sate my own curiosity about his own collection of bows.  I have, however, been teaching since 2018, when I earned by initial Level 1 instructor certification, and have progressed my education as a coach since then.  Today I am a Level 3, and hungry to share my love of archery with anyone and everyone!  My philosophy as a coach is that I believe archery is a sport in which one can discover themselves, and in that discovery, hone their own self into the best version they can be, both in archery and outside it.  As a coach, it is my responsibility to help them achieve that, as well as help help guide them through that process, whether it is a side hobby, or as a future world athlete." 

Jon Cooros

Level 2

"I've been a member of Deep River Bowmen for 15 years.  I've been shooting traditional equipment for 15 years, but prior to that, I shot compound bows only during hunting season.  I truly enjoy the traditional aspect of archery much more than the modern.  During the last 15 years, I've learned to make some traditional equipment, in particular, custom wooden arrows.  2022 is the start of my 4th season being a USA Archery instructor, and I'm having a blast teaching archery.  Deep River Bowmen is a fantastic archery club with many fantastic people."


Rudy Miller

Level 1

"I have lived in Portage all my life.  Started with a recurve when I was about 14, shooting targets in the backyard, and rabbits after school.  After 4 years in the USAF, I picked up a compound bow in the early 1970's.  Have been hooked every since.  I cut, fletch, spin, and weigh all my arrows myself.  I've deer hunted, hog hunted, and bear hunted.  I indoor target shoot during the off-season to stay in shape and keep my form.  This is what I DO!"

MaryAnn Flanagin

Level 1

"My name is MaryAnn Flanagin.  I live in Portage, Indiana, and I have been a member of Deep River Bowmen since 2011.  I teach and compete in the sport of archery as a Level 1 instructor.  I excel at helping younger children become archers!  If you can hold a bow and listen to directions, then I can teach you to shoot!  I started out with a Great Northern Field Bow.  To this day I prefer shooting traditional style as I fell in love with the simplicity of recurve bows and longbows.  I believe archery is an excellent sport every family member can enjoy, no matter what type of bow is used!   


Don Spradlin

Level 1

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