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Introduction to Archery

$30 - Cash Only

2- Hour Course

Open to all ages 6 and over

Waiver releases are required for all students.  For youth under 18, a parent/guardian must sign the waiver


Course Description

This course introduces a beginning archer to the elements of safety, terminology, and uses  for basic equipment during a 2 hour course taught by our certified USAA/NFAA Level I coaches.  This course is open to all those ages 6 and over, and takes place on the first Saturday of every month except July and January.  

Parents and young adults are encouraged to enroll together. 

All safety gear and equipment is provided.  Personal equipment may be used at the instructor's discretion. 

Parents/guardians of participants under the age of 18 must remain at the facility until the lesson ends.  

Class size is limited. 

Contact List:

Matt Bolin: (219) 331-6217         Rudy Miller: (708) 712-1502            Jon Cooros:  (219) 771-5374

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