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Junior Olympic Archery Development / Adult Archery

$50- for a single lesson per person

$80- for a single private lesson 2 hr lesson


$280- for a 1 month pass consisting for 4 lessons (2 hrs max) for 1 day each week (as scheduling allows

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Course Description

This intermediate course with begin with a more in-depth introduction to the National Training System (touched on in the Introduction to Archery course), it's benefits, as well as establish a baseline of each student's skill level.  We will also discuss how rules of competition work, as well as equipment used.    

Because this course will help fine-tune students' abilities, practice between classes will be incredibly beneficial.  There is quite a bit of information covered in this course, so it is recommended that students keep track of their progress and how well they keep implement corrections to form as they move forward in their lessons.  

There are no set dates each month for this course.  They will be scheduled on an as requested basis.  

While there is no requirement for the initial class, future lessons will require a USA Archery membership in order to continue  Memberships listed can be found 


Please email us at for more information

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