Deep River Bowmen Gallery IV

"A Little Traditional DIY"

:: Deer Leather Back Quiver::

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Making a Traditional Back Quiver from Deer Hide

Here's a few pictures of a back quiver I made. The quiver is made from a deer hide from a deer I shot and tanned.

After I tanned the hide into leather I stretched it out on the workbench.

I layed a template made from posterboard and traced the pattern.

Using a straight-edge, I cut out the body of the quiver.

I ended up with a piece like this.

Afterwards, I bagan puching holes along the edge.

This is for the stitching to hold it together.

I made a template for the bottom and cut that out too.

Here's the pieces so far.

I made a trial fit

and began stitching the bottom on.

Lacing goes around the top.

I cut some pieces to make a pocket on the front,

punched holes to attach it,

and started sewing it on.

It is beginning to take shape.

I finished sewing up the back and started adding the shoulder strap.

I finished the shoulder strap.

This is what it looked like when I got done.

I added a side-strap later to keep it in place better. I padded the bottom with a piece of dense foam to keep points and broadheads from puncturing the bottom of the quiver.


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