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About the Lessons:
DRB archery lessons are taught by certified USAA/NFAA Level II coaches and are held at our 17-lane indoor archery range. Three courses are available to meet the needs of most any archer* wanting to improve their scores.

* Ages for our students are from 8 to 88. We like students to be at least 8. Younger students sometimes have trouble pulling our bows. We also want our students to have suitable comprehension and attention span to fully benefit from the instruction and enjoy their experience.

1) Intro to Archery is our entry level course. It introduces a beginning archer to the elements of safety, terminology, history, and uses for basic equipment followed by an hour of shooting time supervised by the coach. Students only need to take this class one time. If you want to try out archery and see if it's for you, this is the course for you.

* Prerequisites: None
* Taught as a group lesson
* Certificate of completion
* Cost: $20 (Usually combined with Archery 101. Cost for both, $40)

2) Archery 101 re-emphasizes the safety aspects taught in Intro to Archery and teaches basic shooting elements including: stance, alignment, bow grip, anchor point, release, follow through, and more. Class may be taken as often as you would like. The amount of time a student remains at this level of instruction varies from person to person. Two to six months is typical.

* Prerequisites: Intro to Archery.
* Taught as a group lesson
* Certificate of completion
* Cost: $25/lesson. (First time is usually combined with Intro to Archery. Cost for both, $40)
* A package of four (4) lessons may be purchased for $80

3) Archery 201 fine tunes elements taught in Archery 101 and is based on the BEST (Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique) Method established by USA Archery and utilized by the US Olympic Archery Team. Goes into more depth on form and execution; adds aiming, tuning, and tournament prep. Includes more individual work with the student for their specific needs.

* Prerequisites: Archery 101 (or equivalent experience).
* Taught as a group lesson also in private lessons.
* Cost: $25 in group format. A package of four (4) lessons may be purchased for $80.
* $50/hr in private lesson format.

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Last Revised: 5/9/2018